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Sprung Diesel Bogies

We offer a range of etched brass kits for adding sprung suspensions to proprietary 4mm scale diesel locomotives as part of a conversion to EM or P4 gauges. Prices and details here.

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Bogie Detail Bits

Cosmetic details from our sprung bogie kits, available separately. Details here.

Updates to Instructions

Most recent updates to instructions: 25th Mar, 2016.

Revision details here.

Instructions main index here.


Come and see us on our trade stand, for demonstrations, sample builds and kits for sale.

Latest News

22nd September, 2016

First details and photos of the new Class 40 and Peak 1Co-Co1 sprung bogie kits, now expected to be on sale before the end of this year.

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Running Notices

There is an in-depth review of our Class 25 suspension kit in the Model Railway Journal, issue No. 231.

Currently working on new kits for Bachmann 1Co-Co1 locos.

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