Bachmann Cosmetic Bogie Frames

This section deals with fitting the Bachmann moulded bogie frames and brake gear for kit PK001, using the subframe stretchers from fret F004. If you are fitting the etched brake components and/or are using Heljan sideframes, you should use instructions from this section instead.

Bachmann Bogie Frame Take the bogie detail and undertray moulding. Cut through the brake pull rods at their inner ends.

Clearances Remove the undertrays, intermediate brake shoes and secondary spring details (keep the springs). Reduce the central brake shoe mouldings as shown, glue them securely to the inside of the sideframes and cut away the strip which joins them. Remove the coupler pocket if you don't wish to use it.

Detail components such as brake shoes are attached to the main moulding by a combination of moulded spigots and adhesive. It is often possible to break the adhesive bond and remove the components. Repairs can be made by drilling out holes and providing replacement spigots of plastic rod. Parts may be bonded by MekPak or Plastic Weld solvents.

Modified frame moulding Glue the inner ends of the pull rods to the inside faces of the sideframe. If you find that the rods foul the wheelsets, they may be cut away and replaced by lengths of thin microstrip.

Assembled Bogie Frames Taking the etched bogie subframe, make the folds at the ends of the outriggers. Fix the plastic frame in place with its end cross members lying in the channels of the etched end stretchers and the outriggers of the stretchers butting against the inside faces of the primary spring detail. Quick-set epoxy can be used to glue the frames in place.

Traction ear secondary spring detail Take the etched bolsters, bolster detail etches and the eight plastic secondary springs cut from the sideframe mouldings. Trim the springs so that they fit between the secondary spring hanger detail etches and the bolster detail etches as shown. Fix the springs and bolster detail etches in place on the traction ears using quick-set epoxy.

Test-fit the bolster into the bogie frames to check clearances.