Class 47: Cosmetic Sideframes

This section deals with fitting either Bachmann sideframes with the etched brake components or Heljan sideframes in any circumstances, for kits PK002, PK003, PK004 and PK012, all using the subframe stretchers from etch F003. If you are fitting the Bachmann moulded bogie frames and brake gear for kit PK001, using the subframe stretchers from fret F004, you should use instructions from this section instead.

Remove any detail and fixings from the rear of the sideframe to leave the inside face of each sideframe moulding as a single flat plane surface.

Heljan Sideframe Modified Remove secondary spring detail from the mouldings and put them safely to one side. If you are fitting the etched brake components, remove also the plastic brake detail. The photo shows one of the Heljan sideframes so treated.

Taking the etched bogie subframe, make the folds at the ends of the outriggers.

Offer up the sideframes to the subframe. The sideframes should fit flush to the vertical faces of the end stretchers, the outriggers and, if fitted, the planks joining the intermediate and centre parts of the etched brake detail. You might make rebates in the inside faces of the sideframes to accommodate any discrepancies and to set the desired overall width.
If you adjust the planks of the brake detail etches, be sure to re-check that the bolsters will still pass inside them.

According to our drawings, the width of the prototype bogies, over the flat outside surfaces of their main frames, excluding any pipework or cast detail features, scales out to 27.6mm.

Glue the plastic frame in place, against the vertical surfaces. Quick-set epoxy, or Evo-stick, can be used.

To help get the cosmetic and etched frames parallel, clamp the etched subframe to a flat surface and rest the lowest points of the plastic sideframes on the same surface. Thin strips of appropriate thickness can be used to set the precise height of the sideframe relative to the subframe.

Traction ear secondary spring detail Take the etched bolsters, bolster detail etches and the eight plastic secondary springs cut from the sideframe mouldings. Trim the springs so that they fit between the secondary spring hanger detail etches and the bolster detail etches as shown. Fix the springs and bolster detail etches in place on the traction ears using quick-set epoxy. Make sure that the detail etches are securely home in their slots, and that the half-etched 180° foldback is glued back flat against the outer face of the detail.

Test-fit the bolster into the bogie frames to check clearances.