Bolster exploded diagram All folds are normal 90°. Make sure the assembly is square and free of twists at all stages.

Assembly sequence:

B4, Bolster Sides.

B2, Bolster Frame Inners. Check holes 0.5mm dia. Fit to parts B4.

B1, Bolster Centre and Nut. Use the pivot screw, with threads protected by grease or similar, to hold the nut in place while soldering it to the etch.

B3, Bolster Frame Outer. Fit to part B1, just solder around the top for now.

Fit each side (B4/B2) to B1/B3. Check all square and solder up throughout.

Views of the completed bolster assembly:

Bolster exploded diagram

Fitting to Subframe

Bolster and Subframe united Pair up each bolster with its subframe (as indicated by the triangular marks) and note that the side extensions of the Bolster Frame Outer point towards the front end of the bogie.

Bolster and Subframe united Check the bolster for dimensions and squareness:

A tight fit can be addressed in the first instance by light filing on the edges of the traction ears or lateral restraints: try to preserve the correct circular shape. Other adjustments may be made by gentle tweaking of the bolster assembly. If you do this, try to end up with the faces of the traction ears vertical.