Subframes - Detail First Fix

Exploded diagram

Subframe is symmetric except parts S17, S18 which are fitted to front outriggers only.

Folds are 'normal' 90° folds except where marked 180 where components are folded back onto themselves with the joining tags on the inside of the bend. Part S17 has a unique set of folds, see the diagram below.

Assembly Sequence:

S5, Outrigger-Sides.

*1: The half etch line here is not a fold. Cut off the side plate at this line if you are building in EM.

*2: Round-off this lower edge, before fitting the component, to represent the formed steel plate of the prototype.

Tees Above S7, Outrigger Tee Web. Slot into place on the lower face of the Spring Beam Inner, with its flange resting on top of the face, and its webs poking through the slots. Don't solder yet.

Tees Below S6, Outrigger Tee Flange. Slide into place around part S7 and solder up.

S3, Arm Pivot. Mount on 0.31mm wire to represent the central spindle.

S13, Spring Beam Outer.

Step S17, Step and S18, Step Tread. The folds in the step are defined by slots in the half-etched parts of the component. Fold up the side first, then the front and the back.

S8, Outrigger Wrappers.

*3: Use the templates (printed on the kit inserts) to mark the lines on the parts. Clamp in a vice to one of the outer lines for each bend, locate a 1.3mm drill or rod on the vice and against the part and form the bend around it, starting and ending at the inner lines.

*4: File down the fold over tabs from parts S5. Fettle the outer edges of the outriggers so that the wrappers fit snugly. You may need now to heat-sink / clamp the outriggers when soldering on other bits.