Subframes - Detail Second Fix

Exploded diagram

Folds are 'normal' 90° folds except where marked 180 where components are folded back onto themselves with the joining tags on the inside of the bend.

*1 You can use the moulded springs from the original loco or wind your own from 0.6mm brass wire. Winding around a 1.4mm diameter rod (e.g. the shank of a drill) will give the required diameter of 2.65mm. Note that the springs are wound left-handed. Aim for five complete turns in each spring and plane them down to flat ends to a length of 3.4mm. You should be able to get two springs from each of the lengths of 0.6mm wire supplied in the kit. See the General Notes section of the instructions for further notes on coil spring winding.

S11 Spring base detail.

S16 One washer and two nuts at the end of each secondary spring hanger rod. Drill them to clear the 0.5mm wire if necessary. Cut the hanger rods over length. Solder them in place from underneath.

S15 Spring Hanger. Check the central hole clears the hanger rod.

S14 Spring Cap. Check the central hole clears the hanger rod. Fit the cap into the hanger and fit both to the hanger rods on top of the springs. Trim the top of the hanger rod when done.

S1 Air manifold bracket. Provides fixings for wire (not supplied in the kit) to be used to represent the air connection pipes to the bogie.

*2: Parts S1 and S2 are provided to assist in making up a representation of the air manifold on the offside front of each bogie, perhaps in conjunction with wire and short lengths of micro-tubing (not supplied in the kit). If and how you represent these details is very much a personal choice.