Heljan Class 52: Final Assembly

We suggest that you now assemble the bogies into the loco without the drive units and do unpowered tests on the track to check all clearances and adjust components as necessary.

Once you're happy with the unpowered test, strip down and reassemble with the drive units fitted, and check that all is well under power.

When you are satisfied that the loco is running OK, and that this is the final assembly, remove the pivot screws and apply a thread locking compound to the threads of the captive nut in the top of the bolster (you can use a proprietary compound, but cyano glue, paint or even nail varnish will do the job). Replace the pivot screws, tightening them only so far as to put a slight preload between the bolster top and the pivot plate, whilst retaining a reasonably free (it doesn't have to be loose) pivoting movement. Give the loco another test run through some pointwork to make sure it's free enough.

Finally, replace the body of the locomotive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to remove the body subsequently, please DO NOT at any stage attempt to pull the chassis from the loco by pulling on the bogies, as this may damage the spring mountings.