Subframe: Functional Parts

Exploded diagram

Subframe is symmetric except parts S10 (slots differ - see diagram).

Suggest you define the axle marked by two-spots on the underside of the Mainframe, S4, as the Front axle.

All folds are 'normal', i.e. 90° and marked by a half-etched slot, with the slot on the inside of each fold.

Take care to keep everything 'square' - vertical sides and no twist.

Assembly Sequence:

Mainframe, S4. Before folding, check that each bearing/carrier assembly slides freely in and out of its slot, lightly filing the sides of the slots if necessary.

Seat-Ears, S9. Check slots will accommodate 0.5mm wire.

Seat-Outriggers, S10, (note slot patterns) and Spring Beam Inner, S12 (optional),

*1: The Outrigger-Sides (S5), if you are fitting them, will slot into this recess, so keep it clear of solder for now.

*2: If you are fitting parts S12, they need to be slotted in place when fitting the second part S10 on each side – best not to solder S12 in yet.

*3: These half-etched holes are at the centres of the Heljan sideframe mountings.

Stretchers, S19

*4: The half etch line here is not a fold. Cut off the side plate at this line if you are building in EM.

*5: These holes are at the centres of the mounting spigots of the moulded Heljan brake details for the front axles. For the rear axle the spigots are lower and you would need to make a support bracket, or hang them off a cross rod (see *6).

*6: If going on to fit brake detail, align S19 with 25mm lengths of 0.6mm brass rod (don't solder the rod in - it'll need removing for the first rolling test).

*7: Hole for Alex Jackson coupling (though you might want to insulate the coupling from the frame if having the frame 'live' for electrical pickup).