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28th November, 2018

Pendon Museum's special exhibition, "BRITISH 4MM FINE-SCALE RAILWAY MODELLING", comes to an end this weekend, December 1st/2nd, with two special showings at the museum: a visit by the P4 layout 'BODMIN' and a 'DIESELS IN THE VALE' event.

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See us in the Model Railway Journal: issue 231 has an in-depth review of our Class 25 suspension kit, while issue 253 features a superb Class 37 model incorporating one of our kits.


Come and see us on our trade stand, for demonstrations, sample builds and kits for sale.

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Sprung Diesel Bogies

We offer a range of etched brass kits for adding sprung suspensions to proprietary 4mm scale diesel locomotives as part of a conversion to EM or P4 gauges. Prices and details here.

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Bogie Detail Bits

Cosmetic details from our sprung bogie kits, available separately. Details here.

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Most recent updates to instructions: 13th Nov, 2018.

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