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Bachmann Classes 24 & 25

Kit PK006. Price and Availability here

Note that this kit is not suitable for the Class 24 and 25 models being introduced by Bachmann from the beginning of 2020. More information here.

Class 25

Kit Features

  • Etched brass fold-up construction.

  • Steel ‘guitar wire’ springing.

  • Primary and Secondary springing.

  • Primary springing by single continuous beam each side of bogie to provide a degree of equalization between wheelsets.

  • Simple fit to locomotive main body / chassis block.

  • Uses original drive units after straightforward modifications.

  • Undertrays and end plates to shield gears of drive unit.

  • Uses cosmetic sideframe, brake and guard iron details simply cut down from the original bogie frame mouldings.

  • Cosmetic detail included for front bogie stretchers and bolster ends.

  • Profiled subframe to provide clear view between cosmetic equalizing beams.

Class 25
Our Class 25 P4 Test Build. Apart from the fitting of our sprung bogie kit, no additional detailing work has been done on this locomotive. Ultrascale wheels were used in the conversion.
Class 25
Bogie subframe assembly.
Class 25
Bogie subframe with wheelsets and primary springs in position. The Bachmann final drive gears and bearings are fitted to the axles inboard of the kit’s main axle bearings.
Class 25
Bogie bolster. The weight of the loco is taken on the flat ‘shoulders’ of the bolster. The optional cosmetic etches representing the bolster end detail have been fitted.
Class 25
Bolster attached to subframe by secondary suspension, with cosmetic moulded sideframes and brake detail clipped into place. The transverse secondary springs and their seats can be seen in the centre of the bogie.
Class 25 Drive Units
Drive units: unmodified on left, modified to fit sprung bogie on right.
Class 25
Bolster and sideframes removed, and drive unit clipped into place over the Bachmann axle bearings. The inner worm bearing is retained by a 14BA screw; this may be augmented by a fold-up etch (shown below).
Class 25
Bolster refitted over drive unit.
Class 25
Cosmetic sideframes refitted. The sideframes retain the continuous primary springs.
Class 25
Similar to above, this view also shows the etched retainer for the inner worm bearing on the drive unit.
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