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Heljan Class 35 Hymek

Kit PK009. Price and Availability here


Kit Features

  • Etched brass fold-up, soldered construction.

  • Steel ‘guitar wire’ springing.

  • Primary suspension by a single, continuous spring wire on each side of each bogie to mimic the sprung equalization beams of the prototype.

  • Secondary suspension by longitudinal spring wires.

  • Bogies secured and located in locomotive chassis block by simple etched frames.

  • Use original drive units and pickups with straightforward modifications.

  • Adjustable ride height using plastic card spacers.

  • Use original cosmetic bogie sideframes on mountings provided.

  • Etched guard irons and simple brake detail included.

Hymek bogie fitted
Hymek with sprung bogie. Details such as buffer beam hoses and reservoir tanks, supplied by Heljan, remain to be fitted here.
Underside of bogie
A view from underneath.
Bogie assembly with spacer
Wheelsets, subframe and bolster assembled. Outriggers from the subframe support the Heljan cosmetic plastic side frames. The thickness of the plastic card spacer on the top face of the bolster determines the ride height of the loco.
Modified Heljan Drive Unit
Modified Heljan drive unit. The original pickups are re-positioned and modified to clear the kit components. A 14BA bolt (supplied) controls the tendency of the two halves of the unit to splay apart at the inner end.
Drive unit and Penbits bearings
View from underside of drive unit showing the Penbits bearings, Ultrascale 3'9" P4 diesel disc wheels and axles.
Primary suspension assembly
Drive unit assembled into bogie subframe, floating on the primary springs. The single wire springs on each side of the bogie are retained by the clips incorporated in the etched inner transom.
Assembled Hymek bogie
Completed assembly of functional components, with bolster located on lugs on the inside faces of the subframe and supported by the secondary springs.
Bogie mounted in loco
The bogie mounted in the loco by an etched pivot frame. The frame is retained by pins fitting into the chassis block through the holes occupied by the original Heljan pivot 'yokes'. The pins can be made from the cut down ends of the yokes.
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