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Bachmann Classes 47 & 57

Kits PK001 and PK002. Prices and Availability here

Note that this kit is not suitable for the revised models being introduced by Bachmann from 2022 on, with cast metal drive units. More information here.

Class 47

Kit Features

  • Etched brass fold-up construction.

  • Steel ‘guitar wire’ springing.

  • Primary and Secondary springing.

  • Primary springing by two independent spring beams on each side of each bogie to mimic the sprung equalization beams of the prototype.

  • Simple fit to locomotive main body / chassis block.

  • Uses original drive units, either with etched parts supplied for a straightforward modification to articulate the six-wheel drive, or simply cut down to a four-wheel drive.

  • Undertrays and end plates to shield gears of drive unit.

  • The original cosmetic bogie sideframes are re-used, suitable fixing surfaces being provided.

  • Secondary spring hanger and seat details are included on the bogie bolster. Cosmetic secondary springs can be removed from the sideframes and fixed to the bolsters for added depth of detail.

  • Optional etched brake shoe, hanger and lower pull rod components can be fitted to replace the plastic moulded representations.

  • The moulded coupler pockets can be retained if desired.

Class 47
Etched bogie subframe fitted within Bachmann bogie frames, using the original plastic brake detail mouldings cut down to clear the suspension components.
Class 47
View of subframe from above, showing the primary spring-equalizing beams and fit of axle bearings. Alan Gibson wheelsets are fitted, with the Bachmann final drive gears and drive unit bearings positioned on the axles inboard of the main axle bearings.
The Bogie Bolster etch. The weight of the loco is taken on the four ‘shoulders’ of the bolster, preventing the bolster itself from moving in the ‘pitch’ and ‘roll’ planes. The steel wire secondary springs can be seen. The cosmetic secondary spring mouldings have been removed from the bogie sideframes and positioned inboard within the seat and hanger details of the bolster.
Class 47
Bolster in position on the subframe, attached by the four simple beam secondary springs.
Class 47
Bolster removed and articulated six-wheel drive unit clipped on to its bearings. Simple phosphor bronze wire pickups are fitted, the bus bar being shaped to maintain the flexibility of the drive unit.
Class 47
Fully assembled sprung bogie and drive unit. This example has Alan Gibson wheels, Heljan sideframes and our optional etched brake detail components.
Class 47
Brass sole plates are fitted to the lower faces of the chassis moulding to transfer the weight of the loco on to the ‘shoulders’ of the bogie bolsters.
Class 47
Bogie with Alan Gibson P4 wheels, original Bachmann moulded frames and brake details. The moulded secondary coil springs have been cut from the frames and refitted to the bolster, within the etched seat and hanger details provided.
By way of contrast, on this bogie the brake shoes, hangers and pull rods have been replaced by the optional etched components. Heljan sideframes are fitted, their brake component and secondary spring details having been removed.

The bogie is fitted with Alan Gibson EM wheels.
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