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Heljan Class 52

Kits PK019, PK020. Prices and Availability here

Two kits for the Western: PK019 is a straightforward build to give a working sprung suspension with some optional detail enhancements, while PK020 includes all that but adds a full set of cosmetic details, including brakes, providing a bit more of a challenge!

Class 52 Front 3/4

Kit Features

  • Etched brass fold-up construction.

  • Steel ‘guitar wire’ springing.

  • Sprung-equalized primary springing by two independent spring beams on each side of each bogie.

  • Secondary springing by simple spring beams.

  • Simple fit to locomotive chassis block.

  • Uses original drive units.

  • Adjustable ride height to allow builder to set optimum distance between bogie and underframe.

  • Can use original moulded details, enhanced details supplied in kit, or any desired combination of the two.

  • Straightforward implementation of 'American' style current collection without wiper-type pickups.

Class 52 Bogie

Here's a video of a test build in action - we've made a few cosmetic mods to the kit since this was taken.

Basic Kit, PK019

Functional Subframe and Bolster
This is the Bolster and Subframe with the bare minimum of parts required to make a functioning sprung suspension. You can modify and fit the plastic details from the original loco to your own preference.
Detail Included in Basic Kit
The basic kit also includes the additional cosmetic parts shown in this drawing. You can 'mix and match' with the plastic details as you wish.

Full Kit, PK020

Subframe with Full Detail
The full kit provides brake and spring detail for the subframe. Again, can be 'mixed and matched' with the plastic details, according to personal preference. Brass wire is provided for the coil springs, but you have to wind them yourself.
Underframe Detail
The full kit also provides underframe detail, including a 3D printed part to represent the central suspension pillar. Micro-tubing and/or thin wire, not included in the kit, can be used to augment some of the detail, again according to personal preference.
Side view
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