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Bachmann Class 66

Kit PK018. Prices and Availability here

Class 66 Bogie
Class 66 Front 3/4

Kit Features

  • Etched brass fold-up construction.

  • Steel ‘guitar wire’ springing.

  • Sprung-equalized primary springing by two independent spring beams on each side of each bogie.

  • Four-point secondary springing by simple spring beams.

  • Simple fit to locomotive chassis block, allowing any misalignment in the block to be accommodated.

  • Uses original drive units. The six-wheel units can either be articulated for all-wheel drive, by straightforward modification using the etched parts supplied, or simply cut down to four-wheel drive.

  • Undertrays and end plates to shield gears of drive unit.

  • Adjustable ride height to allow builder to set optimum desired distance between top of bogie frame and lower body side.

  • Fits discreetly and securely within the original moulded bogie frame detail, with mountings to support the moulded brake details in line with the wheels.

  • Insulated pivot components and live bogie frames to support easy implementation of 'American' style current collection without wiper-type pickups.

Articulated Drive Unit
6-wheel drive unit, articulated using the etched frame supplied.
Chassis Pivot Plate
The only addition required to the chassis block is this Pivot Plate which is glued in place and provides a bearing surface for the top of the sprung bogie bolster.
Pivot arrangement
The bogie is secured by an insulated pivot screw, arranged not to intrude into the loudspeaker enclosure. A solder tag is provided on the top washer for electrical pickup where the bogie frame is 'live'.
Class 66 Subframe
The bogie subframe. The four simple beam secondary springs can be seen at the top of the frame. Outriggers and other locating features are provided for mounting the cosmetic plastic frames.
Class 66 Subframe
The subframe inverted, showing the mountings to support brake details removed from the original plastic bogie moulding.
Class 66 Subframe
Subframe with wheelsets, primary springs and cosmetic bogie frames fitted.
Drive Unit Fitted
Articulated 6-wheel drive unit clipped onto the axles using its original brass bearings. The drive unit 'floats' with the axles within the suspension. The brass worm cover is an optional part of the kit to increase vertical clearance if required.
The etched bogie bolster. The plastic card insulator on the top face of the bolster can be varied in thickness to adjust ride height.
Assembled bogie
Bolster mated with its subframe, supported by the secondary springs and located by lateral and longitudinal restraints, to complete the bogie assembly.
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