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Bachmann/NRM Prototype Deltic

Kit PK005. Price and Availability here


Kit Features

  • Etched brass fold-up construction.

  • Steel ‘guitar wire’ springing.

  • Primary and Secondary springing.

  • Primary springing by two independent spring beams on each side of each bogie to mimic the sprung equalization beams of the prototype.

  • Simple fit to locomotive main body / chassis block.

  • Uses original drive units, either with etched parts supplied for a straightforward modification to articulate the six-wheel drive, or simply cut down to a four-wheel drive.

  • Undertrays and end plates to shield gears of drive unit.

  • Allows fitting of correctly sized wheels and setting of smaller gap between body and bogie frame.

  • Fits discreetly within the cosmetic sideframes, end stretchers and brake detail of the original bogie moulding.

Deltic, converted to P4 using our sprung bogie kit with Branchlines 14mm wheelsets. Apart from buffer beam hoses, no further detailing work has been done on this model.
Deltic at work, in Collingwood Yard, North Shields, taking the ‘Norseman’ boat train up to the main line for Newcastle and beyond.
Photo: Chris Pendlenton
The etched bogie subframe fits discreetly within the cosmetic parts of the Bachmann frame moulding which has had its central functional bits cut away and brake gear rearranged for the wider gauge and larger wheels.
Articulated Bachmann six-wheel drive partially fitted to bogie subframe, primary spring beams resting on top of spring seats, …
… and now fully fitted, with spring beams clipped into place under primary spring seats.
Top view of Deltic bogie bolster.
Underside of Deltic bogie bolster.
Bolster in position, attached to bogie subframe by secondary springs and arching over the drive unit.
Modification to loco body is simply the addition of these sole plates to transfer the weight of the loco on to the ‘shoulders’ of the bogie bolsters.
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