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Heljan Kestrel

Kit PK012. Prices and Availability here


Kit Features

  • Etched brass fold-up construction.

  • Steel ‘guitar wire’ springing.

  • Primary and Secondary springing.

  • Primary springing by two independent spring beams on each side of each bogie to mimic the sprung equalization beams of the prototype.

  • Secure fit to locomotive chassis block, using an etched brass pivot frame.

  • Uses original A1A drive units, with straightforward modifications.

  • The centre, undriven axles are securely located and weighted.

  • The original cosmetic bogie sideframes are re-used, suitable fixing surfaces being provided.

  • Secondary spring hanger and seat details are included on the bogie bolster. Cosmetic secondary springs can be removed from the sideframes and fixed to the bolsters for added depth of detail.

  • Optional etched brake shoe, hanger and lower pull rod components can be fitted to replace the original representations which are moulded flush with the outside of the bogie rather than being aligned with the wheels.

Kestrel, converted to EM using our sprung bogie kit with Alan Gibson Class 47 wheelsets. No further detailing work has been done on this model.
Etched bogie subframe and brake detail assembly.
Original moulded sideframes, with brake and secondary spring details removed, fitted to etched subframe.
Heljan drive unit, temporarily separated from its undertray, modified to fit sprung bogie. External fixings and clips are removed, and the slot for the centre, undriven, axle is opened out so that the unit does not interfere with the movement of that axle.
Assembled sprung bogie in place in the loco chassis. An etched bolster pivot frame is fitted to the chassis block in place of the original plastic ‘yoke’. The convenience of ‘American’-style pickup is revealed, current being taken by the single wire from the bogie pivot fixing.
Heljan Kestrel (Class 47 type) bogie. Brake components and secondary spring details have been removed from the moulded sideframes. The brake shoes, hangers and pull rods have been replaced by our optional etched components in correct alignment with the wheels. The moulded secondary coil springs have been refitted to the bolster, within the etched seat and hanger details provided.

This bogie is fitted with Alan Gibson EM wheels.
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