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Bachmann Class 47 PK001 HTML View
Bachmann Class 47, with etched brake detail PK002 HTML pdf View
Heljan Kestrel, to Dec 2016 PK004 HTML pdf View
Prototype Deltic PK005 HTML pdf View
Bachmann Class 24/25 PK006 HTML pdf View
Bachmann Class 37/55 PK007
HTML pdf View
Heljan Class 35 (Hymek) PK009 HTML pdf View
Heljan Class 26/27/33 PK010
HTML pdf View
Heljan Class 47 & Kestrel (from Jan 2017) PK012 HTML pdf View
Heljan Lion PK013 HTML pdf View
Heljan Falcon PK014 HTML pdf
Bachmann LMS 10000/1 PK015 HTML pdf
Bachmann Class 40 PK016 HTML pdf
Bachmann 'Peak' PK017 HTML pdf
Bachmann Class 66 PK018 HTML pdf
Heljan Class 52 PK019
HTML pdf
Class 47: Brake Components AC001 pdf
English Electric Bogie Brake Components AC002 pdf
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