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29th May 2021
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Welcome to PenBits' virtual trade stand for Virtual RailEx 2021.

Sprung Diesel Bogie Kits

See below for information on our range of etched-brass kits for applying sprung suspensions to proprietary, ready-to-run, 4mm scale diesel locomotives, as part of a conversion to P4 or EM standards.

Class 52

Our new kit for the Heljan Class 52...

Expected in stock within the next month. There will be a base kit which includes the functional suspension parts and optional brass parts for the distinctive outriggers. A further kit will include additional detail: brakes, steps, cosmetic bogie details and underframe fittings. You'll find more information on this page (Click here).

We are happy to accept orders by email now (), and will send out PayPal invoices for payment when the kits are ready.

You can look at the instructions here (pdf) or here (html).

The video shows a test build in action on our P4 layout - we've made a few cosmetic changes since then.

Watch them go...

LMS 10000 in action on the ECML: on Mick Wakefield's P4 layout inspired by Grantham (with some bonus Pacific action thrown in! - all the other stock in this video is sprung using Dave Bradwell's bogie and chassis kits)

Lion - taking the superelevated reverse curves on the PenBits P4 test track.

So it's not about party tricks, climbing over matchsticks and all that stuff, but poise, grace of movement, those miniscule adjustments in the suspension that provide that extra degree of realism...

...oh, alright then... are a few clips from one of our regular customers, having fun in EM gauge and, incidentally, showing that you can just enjoy the way it works without having to get hung up on esoteric fine detail.

What's in the bag?

What you get in the kit...

How does it work?

Axle Bearings, Subframes, and Bolsters: the main functional parts that you build from the kits, explained on this page (click here).

How To Buy

Our mail order service is open for business and we have all the kits in stock.

Click here for details.

More Information

Please use the menus at the top of this page to navigate around the PenBits website.

You will find details there of all the kits, and full sets of instructions to read or download.

Thank you for visiting PenBits!
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