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Why Springing?

Take a step beyond the "simple drop-in wheelset" conversion…

Fit one of our sprung bogie kits to your P4 or EM conversion project and see the benefits, including:

  • Soft, smooth, graceful ride, absorbing variations in rail level both prototypical (grade, superelevation, yard leads, …) and unintentional (duff rail joints, wavy baseboards, …),

  • Elimination of derailments caused by:
    • rigid and/or distorted drive unit mouldings,
    • unsecured, un-weighted centre axles in A1A configurations,
  • Loco sits and moves square and level on the track, with the air and appearance of being supported by its bogies rather than perched on top of them,

  • Maximum pulling power, security of ride and electrical pickup, with all wheels in firm contact with the rail at all times,

  • Control of pitch and roll of bogie frame, now decoupled from wheelsets, gives more realistic movement and allows a more closely prototypical distance to be set between the frame and the lower bodyside of the loco.

Bachmann/NRM Prototype Deltic model converted to P4, with full suspension and all-wheel drive, using our sprung bogie kit. This view shows how the relationship between wheels, bogie frame and body can be improved by the fitting of suspension; at the same time the loco's ride and ability to handle uneven track are enhanced and it can still take curves down to 3' radius.
Photo: Chris Pendlenton
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